Water dogs!

I put a kiddie pool on the back deck today, with about 2 inches of water, and plopped the puppies in to get their feet wet and see if any of them got the hang of it.  They all stood there for a few seconds, some took a sip of water, and then they all hopped out.  I went up on the porch to see what would happen and a couple of them got back in over the next hour or so.  So we might have a few pups who will be water babies!!!   Wahoo!    A side bonus to the way my house is set up - you go down about six or seven steps to a deck in the back, which I can completely close off for the dogs to have a safe, clean place when it's been raining buckets and the back yard is a mud pie.  Anyway, so I discovered that they ALL can climb UP the stairs!   Not so good at going down, you have to nudge them with a toe, and they start the trip down, sometimes not quite in control!  LOL!   But nobody bats an eye about trying again.  This is NOT a bashful, skittish litter!  They seem to love each new adventure!!!

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