Here is where you will find information about any current breeding.  I will post info about the dam and the sire, keep you posted on how "mama" is doing through the pregnancy, post pictures, etc.     Once the puppies are born, I may post a few pictures here, but most of those go to puppy families getting a pup from the litter.  I have to warn you now, I am a rotten photographer, and it drives me crazy, but I just don't have the eye for great pictures!   That being said, you will at least get to see the little squirmers as they grow and become active puppies instead of little blind and deaf blobs!   They really don't do much for the first 3-4 weeks but nurse, sleep, pee and poop!  Eyes open around ten days, ears open around 3 weeks, then their little brains understand there's a lot more to the world than the whelping box!

The first step in the puppy process if you decide to add a Calisun kid to your family will be to complete and email me your Buyer Questionnaire.  Click here for the link to download it.  It's a Word document, which you can download, complete and return by email or snail mail.



I am now officially retired - no more puppies unless I have a weak moment and dive back in!
I’m happy to be your poodle encyclopedia, and welcome calls if I can help you find another
good breeder, or answer poodle questions!


The puppies you see here, from one of Lizzie and Jordan's litters, were about four weeks old, plus a few days, when they started having lots of visitors.  My thanks to one of my great puppy families, the Myers, for taking all these adorable little videos of their visit!    Thank you, Nick!!!    Click on the link and enjoy!!!


Here are pictures of Lizzie and Jordan's puppies as they have grown up over the past year!