Saying goodbye to Lilli ........

I am very sad to say that I lost my Lilli in late January to cancer.  She had surgery two years ago to remove an ugly mass from her chest wall, and there was a good chance it would return, which it did with a vengeance.  When we found that out, I knew her time would be short, as it had already spread to her lungs, and I only had her for another three weeks.  I always said that unless there was something that could be done that would guarantee a good chance for a cure, I would never do extraordinary care to keep a dog alive for me.  It had to be for the dog.  There was nothing to be done for Lilli, and I did not want her to suffer.    The very same day I let her go, Raine gave me two precious babies to bring home.  Made losing Lilli a tiny bit easier. 

Lilli was one of my foundation girls, along with Casey and Sunny.  You know they won't live forever, but losing one is never easy.  Lilli would have been 12 in May of this year, so she graced me with her love and life for a good long time.  I will miss my "little" poodle girl terribly!

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