Several bits of good news.....

Chloe was operated on in June to remove four mammary cysts, small but came up fast.  They were malignant, which was horrifying news, but the vet felt like she got them all, just wasn't able to leave that margin of healthy tissue they like to see.  Anyway, I took her in to be spayed yesterday, since the hormones from being in heat likely contributed to the rapid growth of these tumors.  New chest xray showed NO masses or other suspicious spots, and she came through the spay REALLY fast and is doing fine!   Sure am hoping that she will live to be a sweet old lady!

Second, Summer had her hip xrays done and also her SA skin punches.  Both have been sent in to OFFA for evaluation and posting.  Keeping our fingers crossed that the SA is clear/normal, no reason it shouldn't be.  And the hip xrays look great!!!   Depending on what kind of day the radiologist is having, sure would be nice to get an excellent, but I'll be happy with a good.  I have rarely seen xrays as good as this!!!   Bev

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