Josh is now waiting for me over the bridge as of October 2017.  I am heartbroken.


I’d had plans to add a boy to my “poo zoo” in late 2009 or even 2010. I’d asked Patti Jason of Targa Standards to keep me posted on Ben  (Ch. Grandeur Boogie Back to Targa) puppies. Ben is a gorgeous stalliony stud of a dog, very impressive. I just love his “presence”!

Timing is everything! I mentioned to my friend, Beth Harris, Aris Standards, my correspondence with Patti, and she told me she’d just bred her Promise (Ch. Aris Blue Skies Promises Kept) to Ben! Great! A perfect opportunity to see what Ben produced! As the pups grew, one particular boy kept catching Beth’s experienced eye. But, she already had two boys, and adding a third was just not doable! You think?! Knowing my interest in a Ben son, she approached me about co-owning this beautiful boy
, and my resolve to wait just flew the coop! I couldn’t pass up having this outstanding puppy as part of my life. Not only is he stunning, but as sweet as can be, as the boys often are!

“Josh” (Joshua, Aris Calisun Stand & Deliver) joined the rest of my kids in November 2008, and was handled to perfection by Ann Rairigh. Josh achieved his American Championship at just 11 months, earning four majors, including a BOV, a Group 3, a Class placement at PCA (he loved the applause!), and several Best Puppy In Show wins. While a wonderfully goofy, playful puppy outside the ring, he was a total pro in the ring - focused, showing very maturely, light on his feet, and exhibiting striking ring presence. 

I am heartbroken to say that I lost Josh to complications from GDV (bloat with torsion) surgery in late October 2017.  Josh had had minor surgery to remove two benign masses, accompanied by the stress of having two of my girls in heat here, and my personal angst of having my 97 yr old Mom live with me for three months while she recovered from a slight stroke.  Just too much stress for Josh at 9 1/2 yrs old.  I am still reeling from the loss of my heart dog, and miss him every day.    I can't tell everyone enough to learn all you can about this killer health issue, and do everything in your power to prevent it.  Even with what I know, it wasn't enough!




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