Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter - drove up to the Pretty Place Chapel at the YMCA Camp at Caesar's Head Mountain, which sits right ON the continental divide and the state line between SC and NC.  We were literally on…Read more

Diane and Aven learning Agility!

Lest you think getting an agility winner is mostly fun, you can see and appreciate from this video how much work goes into it - by the owner and by the dog!  Diane does it right!!!  Her other girl, Fallon…Read more


Well, wahoo-ish!   Got Lizzie's OFA Hips Certificate yesterday, and she got a GOOD rating.   I would loved to have gotten an excellent, but noooo!   Drat!   In 2013, only 4% of the ratings (all breeds, all submissions) were excellents.  Happy with…Read more

Update on Lizzie and breeding

Lizzie has not come into season yet, and is officially overdue.  Grrrrr!   Mother Nature unfortunately is always in control of the timing on these things, but what this means to you is that even if she came into season tomorrow…Read more

A star is born!

This is Nova (American and Canadian champion), sister to my own boy, Jordan, out of my Sunny and London.  Her owners got her to show and train in agility, something they are very active in.  Nova hasn't been all that…Read more

Just got this picture!

This picture was just sent to me by Dina Clark, who happily is owned by Nick (one of Sunny's boys from a few years ago).  Nick and his parents live in the NY/NY area, so they got lots of snow…Read more

Interesting night!

I have a visiting old friend.   My Casey spent the night last night.  My very dearest friends, the Browns, live on a 700 acre working tree farm.  They were to have gotten a puppy from Miss Casey's last litter, but…Read more

Good news!

The vet always gets the feedback from OFFA on testing before we do, and she called me this morning to tell me that Lizzie's SA (sebaceous adenitis) test came back "clear, normal"!!!  YAY!     Now just waiting for hips, and keeping…Read more

Lizzie's hips and SA tests today

Took Lizzie in for her hips and SA tests today in preparation for breeding.   She's clear by parentage on vWD and NE, eye clinic is May 31, so all I needed to do right now were hips and SA.  I'll…Read more

Could it be .......... Spring?!?

All across the country, this seems to have been the winter that just won't give up the ghost, but I think we may have passed over the hump.  Trees are full of buds, the Bradford Pear trees are blooming, tulips…Read more


For unpleasant plumbing reasons, I can't even bathe my dogs right now, so I have a few that look more like labradoodles than poodles at the moment!  Not a good time for those people who want to visit me and…Read more