Something you might want to check out .....

Check out VetStreet -      It's main purpose is to provide a communication and marketing vehicle for vets to stay in contact with their clients, and provide useful and often humorous information to them about their canine and feline companions…Read more

A GREAT dog toy!

If you are handy at all, or have a friend/relative who is, then make one of these.  I will have two for my gang (being made by a friend with the tools and knowhow to do it!), with different size…Read more

Tired of waiting?

SO AM I!  AND, SO IS LIZZIE!  Jordan, on the other hand could care less!   LOL!

We're on the homestretch!   As of tomorrow (Friday, July 4th), I will be on official "puppy watch", and will be pretty much housebound from…Read more

Lizzie is getting very close!

I begin to think she may present me with puppies a bit earlier than I originally thought.  Since both parents are mine, I didn't do progesterone testing this time (bad on me!), so I don't know EXACTLY when she ovulated…Read more


To those of you who are fathers, to those of you who are sons or daughters, to those of you whose fathers are still with you, and to those of you whose fathers are gone - - - take a…Read more

Just call me terminally curious!

I had to make a quick run to my reproductive (and regular) vet today in Flat Rock NC, Dr. BJ Parsons, to have Josh collected for shipping.  He will be a daddy in St. Louis, Missouri this time!    Anyway, BJ…Read more

It's official!

I really thought she was, but today I verified that Lizzie is indeed baking little furballs in her tummy!   I don't personally have the touch for palpating, but have friends who do, so I had one do a quick check…Read more

Older Puppy Available

UPDATE!  She has a home!   Within ten minutes of sending out an email to my mailing list, and posting this original message here, I was contacted by two interested parties, and this sweet girl will be going home with her…Read more

Ordering dog food online

If you'd like to avoid schlepping those heavy bags of dog food, or just save yourself a trip, you can order dog food online with great success from a variety of sites -

I've used most of these with great…Read more


This is not new information, but many pet owners just assume that anything that's sold in our pet food stores is safe to feed our pets - IT ISN'T!!!!!  Read the labels, and if it says "Made In China", put…Read more

my mailing list

First of all, thank you everyone, to those of you who have signed up on my mailing list for "puppy news".  I hopefully will have some news to post regarding my next breeding very soon.  Watch your email for information…Read more

Poodle Club of America National Show

The PCA Nationals are going on this week, in Salisbury MD!  The field trials (hunting, retrieving, etc.) started over the weekend, followed by obedience, rally, agility trials, and conformation showing starts today, after the Parade of Champions and New Title…Read more